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JTC | Junior Tennis Coaching
Clive Sherling

Clive Sherling is an accountant by profession and had a successful career in public accounting and then private equity.  He is a former Chairman of the Football Foundation and the Sports Aid Foundation Charitable Trust. He was vice Chairman of Wembley Stadium for ten years during the rebuilding of the iconic stadium.


Clive is also a Trustee of the Royal National Theatre of Great Britain.

JTC | Junior Tennis Coaching
Sally Sherling

Sally studied three modern languages at college which she put to good use at a European car company.  She subsequently joined an international accounting firm, initially in administration before specialising in HR.  She plays an active role in the family Charitable Trust and takes a keen interest in JTC.


An introduction letter from our Trustees, Clive and Sally Sherling.



In 2012, Sally and I met David Felgate whilst he was coaching a Croatian tennis player who was at the time practising with a British girl.  In discussions with David, it became clear that he had a strong vision as to how to coach players to achieve their full potential.  We were keen to help develop young British talent and agreed to back David in achieving his vision.  Thus, JTC was born.


JTC is about excellence and commitment.  As a young player accepted in to the JTC programme, our coaches will have already identified that the player has the potential to develop into an outstanding tennis player.  


With the help of our partners, Virgin Active and the LTA, we have been able to bring together the strongest group of coaches in the UK.  Working out of our venue in Chiswick, the coaches dedicate themselves to helping the players develop.  


JTC is about more than developing tennis players.  It is about enabling young talented players to grow into outstanding individuals.  Continuing education is a critical element.  We will work with players to develop an education programme that fits with tennis commitments.  We want players to take their academic education as seriously as their tennis education.


At JTC, players will mix in squads of different ages, some of whom will already be travelling to international tournaments or be on the international professional circuit.  Our players learn from them as they have from others who have gone before them.  Similarly, players are expected to pass on experiences to the younger members of the JTC family to help them develop.


Whilst we hope that a player's future is on the international tennis circuit, it may lie elsewhere - at university, working in tennis or even in an entirely different area.  Wherever the  future takes them, we hope that the skills  developed at JTC will help them throughout their life.

Clive and Sally Sherling

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